Thursday, January 21, 2010

Top 5 Friday - Resolutions

Time for a new feature at Cannonballs . . . Top 5 Fridays.

In this semi-regular segment, I'll list my top five . . . something. Today it's my

Top 5 New Year's Resolutions

2010 Edition

(Yes, yes, I know January is 2/3 finished. But overcoming procrastination isn't on my list, so there.)

#5 - Use Ebay.

Specifically, sell more rather than buy more. I've collected a lot of STUFF over the years, some precisely with the motive, "hey, I might be able to chuck this for a profit." After last year's economical apocalypse, it may not be the case anymore. But I still need to get rid of some of these temporary, worldly possessions. Might as well make some dough.

#4 - Fix toilet.

Honest. The wife's getting tired of switching the water on and off when we're not using the stool. Me too. Rather than waste a Mississippi of H2O every day, I guess I'd better fix it. (Or get someone professional to take a whack at it.)

#3 - Cash system.

Okay, Dave Ramsey, you're on. We'll use the cash system for some purchase categories. (Gotta keep that 3% cash back on gas purchases with my credit card.) But to help us save and spend more responsibility, we're going green. Just don't tell any muggers.

#2 - Read more.

Rather than sit on the couch at night and wonder why on Earth I'm watching brainless TV, I will now always have a book handy and engage my mind during downtime. I like children's books, particularly, since I can read an entire book in one sitting. Makes me feel like a genius!

#1 - Write more.

Yes, I do already write. But I should do it more. The internet is a worse distraction than the television. Gotta close Internet Explorer/Safari and use the mouse and keypad in a more productive manner. Write for work (research and articles). Write for fun (blogs!). And most importantly, write for my dreams (One Day, Harold, Paradigm Shift, American Otaku, Teatotalers, and more). Haven't heard of those novels? You will.

Check back in 6 months and see how we're doing. Keep me honest!

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