Saturday, November 27, 2010

Self-Photography Work #11a-e

Here's a special five-parter in my Self-Photography collection . . .

Self-Photograph #11a-e: "Grading Astronomy Homework"

- Spring, 1999

A Saturday tradition of mine this semester was checking Astronomy 101 homework papers. I was an undergraduate teaching aid for a couple of the professors. One of the professors actually assigned weekly homework to his students and needed someone to check it, since the class didn’t have a recitation hour.

Well, this particular Saturday I felt like I was going insane. The homework was a two paper assignment. Plus there were 200+ (!!!) students in this class. When I finished checking, I also had to alphabetize the papers. So as I checked them, I’d throw the papers in the general area for the students’ last names. This weekend, my checking took 8 hours!!! Around three-fourths the way through, it got to me.

11a & b: Here I am, thoughtfully correcting papers.

11c: Uh-oh. Homeworks are starting to get restless . . .

11d: Yikes! Looks like they're getting the upper hand!

11e: Da-Dum! But Danny is triumphant!

I think some students were surprised to get their homework back with footprints on it.

If you hadn’t noticed, I cheated on this self-photography sequence. I used the auto-timer on my camera. Hey! I created this art form. Besides, like all true artists, once you establish the rules, you break them!

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