Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Letter 2010

In lieu of an actual letter to go with our Christmas cards, this year we're going GREEN.

That's right, below is a brand spankin' new digital format. Think of it as Christmas Letter 2.0.

Actually, think of it as 2010--The Year in Pictures . . .

Laura and Danny with our neighbor Makayla at Pizza Hut to celebrate Makayla's baptism! (Danny did the dunking, God did the saving.)

Makayla with Laura and Laura's friend Roxanne on a visit to Florida. Danny presented at a conference in Orlando, part of his teacher education work at Wichita State University. Laura and Makayla came along to visit Laura's friends and Mickey Mouse.

*Makayla's flower headgear were handcrafted creations by Laura. (Danny's creative work can be found HERE and HERE.)

Danny's parents on the "front steps" of their house outside O'Neill, NE. The family home for 35+ years burned down after a water heater malfunction. Thankfully, everyone is safe and most of the photo albums were rescued, as well as the tulips.

"Babysitting" nephews Josh and Nic with the help of Nintendo.

Laura and the newest addition to our home--puppy Harper! She joined Scout and Boo and enjoyed (?) her first bath in the kitchen sink on her arrival from the Humane Society. (She's taller and louder now--Harper, not Laura.)

Danny and Josh with an Imperial Scout Trooper before the Star Wars In Concert show. (Who said Rebel scum can't be classy?)

May (busy month)
Laura and niece Kylie catching up during a visit to Laura's parents in Missouri.

Laura and niece Addy on another visit to Missouri, this time for July 4th and a concert with fireworks.

With Laura's family before the show. (We're the ones wearing red, white, and blue.)

Laura posing with her "wheels" after her third surgery resulting from last summer's car accident. (The scooter was much better than crutches or a wheel chair, and she even let Danny take it for a joyride from time to time.)

Danny resting with his parents after helping them move into their NEW house in Newton. (Furniture is sparse but still growing!)

Danny and his Little Brother Jacob doing a science demonstration for the BBBS Halloween Party. (Jacob's next lesson is the mad scientist "bwah-ha-ha" laugh.)

October (another busy month)
With Danny's family in Nebraska to celebrate his Grandma Frida's 90th birthday! (Where's Waldo?)

Laura with niece Addy and the quilt Laura made to celebrate Addy's adoption.

At home during the holidays--Merry Christmas! (And a Happy Antique Sepia.)

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